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James O'Brien
Sports Blog & Portfolio


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Worked For:


Various football edits and content, with over 100k views and 5k+ likes

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Proficient abillities in using video editing tools such as CapCut and Adobe Premiere Pro

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  • Over 26 million combined followers across all platforms

  • Ranked as the 4th biggest regional UK sports news website

  • 11M monthly viewers

  • Wrote about a range of sports including football, UFC, boxing, WWE, and NFL.

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Regional Merseyside sport newsite. 
Wrote many current, interesting stories with original interviews.
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Following Jack Dowling's completion of 26 marathons in 26 weeks for Macmillan, I interviewed him and was wrote a touching, regional story about the hardships he faced and the large amount of money he raised.

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After the Aintree Grand National, I interviewed Animal Aid's horse welfare consultant who gave me an insight into their protests this year and the challenges they face with large police presence. 

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Prior to Liverpool's match against Newcastle, I travelled to the AXA training centre to report on Jurgen Klopp's press conference. 

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After Everton's controversial match against Nottingham Forest, I interviewed both clubs biggest fan channels to get their reaction to the game and statement made. This was an interesting, challenging piece that forced me to smoothly navigate between the subjective opinions.


Everton Content Executive Intern

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From April 2023 to July 2023, I was an intern at Everton Football Club. Within this role, I assisted in producing general club media ranging from website, social media and video content. I also wrote match reports for the women's team and academy teams, whilst also sitting in Goodison Park's press box for their match against Fulham in the 22/23 season. I was delegated many tasks and worked closely with the Everton media team, who provided consistent positive feedback.

This role was influential in my desire to go into sports journalism and improved my reporting, writing and confidence in the industry. Was lucky to work on site everyday at Finch Farm and learned a lot from this experience.


Liverpool Echo

  • Liverpool's biggest newspaper and sports news website

At the beginning of May, I completed work experience at the Liverpool Echo, working in their newsroom on the sports desk. In this role, I wrote numerous articles about both Everton and Liverpool, covering fresh news angles and opinion pieces. Additionally, I wrote feature articles with original interviews, focusing on Prescot Cables promotion and the recent successes of the Liverpool Schools FA. This role provided me with an invaluable experience of working within a newsroom and significantly bolstered my overall journalistic abilities.

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  • Sports odds comparison website

  • Role as an 'OddsNow Expert' for both boxing and football

  • Produce articles containing form, team news, statistic, predictions and betting odds

  • Written about a range of matches across Europe as well as international competitions

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